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2011-04-07 02:26 pm

New tee shirt

Nee tee shirt, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

this arrived for me today

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2011-03-17 08:49 am

Beverly Ann Yandow

September 1942-2011

Died in her sleep at her home in Maine

Favorite memory of her Was cleaning the bottom of the refrigerator with her when I was 7 and her tricking me into think Elbow grease was a tangible product
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2011-03-05 08:08 am


Journal closed for the month of march
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2011-02-22 03:05 pm

The next big bear thing

The next big bear thing, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

Oh yeah you know you are going to see these at the circuit parties

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2011-02-07 04:13 pm

Clean the boots

Clean the boots, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

Bruce and I finally got to take the Bikes out this weekend, they had dust on them. Yes its true. Dust. We rode south toward Mount Vernon and skirted the coast of the Bay. It was crisp but not unpleasant.

We did stop for lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn, I had the peanut Chesnut soup, I guess they are famous for it, I liked it alot and looked up the recipe, I didn't have the heart to tell Bruce it had chicken broth as a base, not after he tasted it and enjoyed it so.

A few more weeks and Riding season starts in a bug way and by riding season I mean now loose salt and gravel on the road, no chance of running into black ice and no more sweating your ass off in cold weather riding gear

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2011-01-24 04:22 pm

So I came home from Erie, Pa.

To find this on my front porch


The KitchenAid KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker Attachment. Now to Raid [livejournal.com profile] darke 's Salted caramel recipe
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2011-01-20 07:48 am

Happy Birthday

July BBQ, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

[livejournal.com profile] sinterbear Bruce is turning 63 today. God I should look so good at that age. Both Bill and I wish him a very Happy Birthday.

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2011-01-15 06:49 pm

47 knuckle head

47 knuckle head, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

I bought a ticket. I had to

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2011-01-01 01:11 am

New years

New years, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

Lets hope its a good one

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2010-12-25 06:26 am

Merry Christmas

Lobbies, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

Happy Holidays everyone

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2010-12-20 12:40 pm
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It Aligns

Wow, what a great time to be on the northern hemispheres. A full moon winter Solstice and a full lunar Eclipse!. I'm out looking for people to sacrifice right now to the Elder Gods. Let all bath in the blood of the innocent and bring the elder gods home shall we?
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2010-11-30 07:12 pm
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bearbook the "trail"

so if you are a user of bearbook and can see this post. Add me . I am going by my usual standby of Topbear.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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2010-11-27 09:08 pm

Walton's Thanksgiving

Walton's Thanksgiving, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

Well I hope everyone had a Great Holiday. I know we did. Just way too much stuff to write about right now, I will work on something tomorrow to record this Holiday for Bill and Bruce and I.

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2010-11-19 10:17 am

Its fall

Its fall, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

Time for the hoodie and pumpkin pie slurry. yes they are in the oven right now, getting hot and soft, covered in spices waiting for me to beat them into shape and add Creamy goodness and salty sweetness.

I love pumpkin pie from scratch

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2010-11-15 07:19 am

Sparrow point

IMAG0326, originally uploaded by Jacked01.

Had a nice weekend ride, we did the southern part of Baltimore County , very industrial but it had its moments.

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2010-11-06 06:54 pm

Fuck You

How Fucking sad is it that the First thing to be brought across the table with a Republican Congress is a tax break for the the wealthy.Are you seeing this sheeple?

they told you about how the gays were going to destroy America and you believed them They told you that the President was a terrorist and not a natural citizen and you believed them. they Told you that the Government was going to force you in to health care and you had no choices.

hey lied just so they could increase the profits of those that line their pockets. Fuck you you mono theocratic asshats. You shoppers of Walmart. Fuck you
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2010-11-01 11:35 am

black ice

Black Ice Seminar if you would like to learn about detecting and actions against black Ice click the link

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2010-10-17 08:54 pm


BBC_6783, originally uploaded by sinterbear.

Now i have to admit, I have been waiting for these pictures that Bruce had... well just becuase he has a kick ass camera. So with out further Wait... Here are the vacation photos from our ride in West Virginia

Take it away Bruce..

Click his link for Great Views