16 years

Nov. 1st, 2007 10:57 am
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Wow there is alot of stuff here

The Moves

Move to ATL
Move to SF
Move to Philly
Move to VA
Move to DC

The Good

Donner parties
Gay Bingo
Porno Pumpkins
New Hope

The Bad

friendships ended

The Ugly


Bill and I do not do commemorate dates really, a card on B days card and lights on Xmass, simple card on anniversaries nothing huge. I'm not going to lie this is more because of him then I. I would love to throw huge parties but Bill is happy keeping it small, So I do as well. I am Thankful for Bill and I am glad I found him, he keeps me in check and I really believe I would be in a bad way if i had not found him. He is passive where I am aggressive, he is humanistic where I am a nilist, he shows compassion for people where I have none. His peacful nature has placed a leash on my violent one. I feel we complement eachother well.

Every relationship has termoil Our has. Every relationship has two people that are always changing and hopfully growing the trick is to LIKE the person you are with and like the person they are becoming. Grow together, If you can do that then you will have a long and sucsessful relationship.
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Just saw the half time show, He was awsome

in other news bill and I went out and had lots of fun eatting paposas and going to the Big K and Homo depot, the place was a ghost town. I found the door of my dreams for only 1400.00 dollars, how nice.

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Fritz is gone for a week, Bill and I have the house to ourselves, awesome!
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Ok I'm officially a Deviant, Bill and I bought Midget Porno yesterday at the flea market.
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Bill and I clung close to each other last night, The temperature made for good sleeping weather and we snuggled all night, it was very comforting. We awoke to find Helen all turned around in her bed. I don't have a clue as to how she turned herself around.

Bill found her and came back to bed. He threw the blankets off of the top of us and started kissing my neck and forehead. I love him. We had really good sex, I like it when he tries to be quiet. He is more deliberate in his movements and slower.

We both came two times and then rolled out of bed for a cigarette. I got the coffee start while he changed the first diaper of the day. He always does the first diaper. I just started typing in this waiting for the coffee to finish, The first 30 minutes of this day were great I wish I could freeze time for a bit.

Bill told me last night while we were just going off to sleep that the Doctor was wondering why Helen was not in hospice yet. Kinda strange when even the doctor is surprised.

as long as we can comfortably Get Helen to dialysis we will not contact hospice, and she will continue to live. Hospices would discontinue IDalasis and then Helen would die within 7-10 days, very painfully.

We had a cat die the same way it was really bad.


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