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Fritz just called, he will be here at 13:00 to pick up the LAST load of things stored here at my house. I am so happy. I am actually looking forward to the weeks of repair and remodel that are coming for the downstairs area! Fresh paint, redoing the hard wood floor! I now need to pick up a new flat screen and one more lazy boy chair for the living room. A dining hutch or side board for the dining room!
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Well Fritz just called and is on his way to pick up his first load of the stuff that is on the deck, i will post more later

I'm happy

Feb. 17th, 2008 01:01 pm
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And frustrated to the point of tear but I will be stoic and drunken after five years... 1/2 of a decade. Fritz things are removed from my house.

I am relieve and angry, I'm, angry at bill for cutting my nuts off and using my love for him as a rope to bind me from doing what needed to be done 4 YEARS AND NINE MONTHS AGO. I'm relieved because this will be the first time since buying this house that it is totally ours, no shadows or memories or other people.

We are done with him

Two closets and half an attic to go
stacks of crap behind the cut )


Aug. 20th, 2007 10:29 am
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He called this morning at 9am

he is on his way with just a car to pick up a load of stuff...

God I wish it was a moving van

I will be on my best behavior since I want him to return quickly and get the rest ASAP

I want a cigarette and my old desert eagle right now

I want to stop thumbing the key to the lock on the door of the under ground root cellar on the property in west virgina I purchased just for this occasion . I want to stop thinking about all the beautiful surgical stainless steel medical instrument I stocked up on in that root cellar, the four car batteries and six sea sponges, The lovingly crafted table with leather straps.

The 3.5 hp electric motor installed on the metal track system with wooden block and tackle pullies.

I want to stop thinking about all these things because too many people know he is coming down here this day
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has moved back to PA and with in the next couple of weeks he will be taking his stuff out of our home, he will be staying over night in our house I have been told.. yes told. his mother is now getting close to death at age 87 or something, this event is what Fritz has been waiting for to get his life in order, his inheritances.

Now I just need to find someplace to be when he is he, he and bill can manage things, I think I will find someplace to be

its a shame I have to do this in my own home but that blood sucking leech has some hold over Bill I have yet to discover, I will make do and be happy that he is now going to be removed from out lives, I'm not happy with Bills attitude over this whole thing, he has opposed me and made choices against me multiple time over this issue and I resent it.

Like I said the plus side to this is that he will now be out of our lives forever and I'm happy about this, I just wonder if when Fritz does get his monies if there will be even the slightest tinge of guilty and feel like reimbursement us for 2.5 years of laying on his back in our living room and one year of free storage when he abandoned his things.

"God forbid he says one things about the condition or any mislaid items he might run into when he is here,"


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