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May. 24th, 2003 08:17 pm
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We had a great day today, Bill and I had the house all to ourselves, woke up to some good nookie after four days I was in need. Then we went shopping, showered and got undressed and played EQ all day, something we have not been able to do for awhile together.

The afternoon came around and it was time for the Shaman class raid I was hosting, got pretty good attendance and I got to learn a few things, Nothing major dropped but we did have a blast. This was my first attempt at getting a large block of people together and I had a really good time doing it. One big thing that happened, I got told by a couple of the very High ranking players on the server that they had their eye on me, and that made me feel good, these guys are like super raiding guilds and I was just a little puffed up with pride that they now knew who I was.
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Got a call from Tony last night, I miss him a little he and I used to play together all the time in the game that I play online. He was telling me about a New game he is beta testing, it sounds really good, trouble is I'm not much of a Star wars fan. But the Job descriptions sounded really cool. I can see now how everyone will want to be a Jedi Knight, Me I would want to run a canteena and lead bounty hunters. That would be interesting.

I guess you can have a job in this new game, anyway it doesn't come out for another month with the final beta so that means when the company says Oct, it will really be January. I'm playing phone tag with the builder on getting a hard date on completion, We need to put in notice on our current apartment and we also have to do billing changes and such, I would like to be able to put a handle on this.

Not much more to do with the house except to move in, this is going to be very strange, I spent my entire life with Bill living like a nomad, now we get to settle in and make a home. its very exciting
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So I'm cruising my msg boards come across a reply to one of my posts for the game i play, The leader of this band of brothers I belong too decides in his infinite wisdom that he is tired of my veiled personal attacks, and quotes the fucking game bible to me, TO ME! Stating that basically if I don't like it to get out thats ok what burns my ass is this is in reference to a post a guy made that I actually like! and i made a statment supporting the very quotes he used against me.

This shit sucks this guy I replied to the new age hippy tree huggers the kind i used to shove into lockers and make fun of in school, but he is different in the way that he never forces his beilieves on you and he doesn't act like a fucking fruitcake, he is actually cool about his style both in game and out and his other half is the same way.
like im attacking one of the people I acutally rely on for insight and stabilty in the game.
FUCK YOU, Fuck you for making me get pissed about something im actually trying to change about myself

this is the third time that pack "The inner circle" the band of three has stuck thier fucking noses in my business! I know for a fact this guy is best friends with two people that cannot stand me, that part I can give two shits about, one an internet Munchausen case, you know the kind that wants attention by faking something on the net to get attention, the other, his lover is a balless mother fucker who didnt even have the guts to confront me with an ignore command for like 30 days afterwards. Spineless fag in my opinon. You have aprobelm with someone you confront them you dont run and hide
The third I actually liked and proably still do its just that im so god damned angry right now and he is lead by the nose by the other two.

You think these people would understand there is absolutly nothing about me that is veiled if I dont like something or someone I tell them in really bad language iun front of a gaggle of people and enforce it with bodly force. basicly I kick your fucking ass and humilate you, all this after last week I decide I'm going to try and be nice to people, what does fate just test you right away?

Anyway I have to vent here cause I cant post a reply on the msg board cause I would just come off looking like an ass and typing out a bunch of things that i dont really mean but I just have to get out.

I thought this guy could remain objective but I can see now that his association with the other two assholes has pretty much made his opinion about me, so fuck him i dont deal with the other two so I might as well add him to the list as well, if this is his real feelings on the matter and not something that was pecked into his brain by the other two.

I'm going to send him an email after a couple of days where I can chill out and not type out all the things im feeling right now, its not productive and its not going to help me change his mind any.

I really understand why all the other people left now these three guys leave the group as a whole weak and unproductive and swayed with chrisma, if they were under my command they would be shipped out immediatly for holding back progress and objectives, desk jockeys not fit for command.

If they think for one moment that I will leave like the others they are sooo wrong, Bill and I have way to much fun together and the other friends I have made I would miss too much, so fuck them I guess I will be the grian of sand in thier oyster, I hope i'm really irratating to them too, for as much as they wail, it increases my enjoyment.
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Had a great Easter, of course I just found out it was Easter about two hours ago, but hell no biggie, Bill stayed over his mom apartment for the day While I went over to ours. I got to play my new birthday game on ps2 and even grouped with bill on everquest and played a few hours with him and the boys.

I had to do some chores today, brought some stuff back from our apt to his mom's place and ordered a pizza, waiting on it now. I got a strange e-mail from someone I did an IP chk on it and could not trace it its been awhile since I did and dns searches I'm a little out of whack.

it was concerning this wonderful news Kinda funny. looking back on how mad I was about it it now I just laugh.

Pizza is here im an outtie


Mar. 23rd, 2003 07:15 am
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Wow whirlwind Week, many things done, with the weather getting better chores at the other property are starting to take residence over other personal time. Landscaping and small house repairs are in order.

I cant wait till we can move keep three house payments is killing us, it will be over soon. Luke flew in a week ago and called but I could not make time to see him, I got an e-mail today giving me a weeks notice. I will make time for him this time.

Its strange how people make friends, but when stress and duty weigh heavy, you seek solitude, something tells me I should seek support from friends but I tend to take it all on my shoulders myself. I am tired but I will continue.

EQ crap is going good, I did not get a officer position in the guild, so my plan to try and change things never got the chance to grow, but this left me free to de guild my primary toon and seek sponsorship in another more aggressive guild. I'm looking forward to being able to see some of the other things that have been denied me by association.

I left my lower character in the guild so I can still play with bill.
there will always be low level people to play with in that guild, a lot of them do not have the ambition to go farther, it would not be bad if they decided to band together and actually do things together. but that is few and far between, no cohesion, no growth.

They are happy with that and that's fine this game is a relaxing thing for all of us who play and a person plays how they feel comfortable


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