May. 5th, 2003 11:47 am
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ok The people that were suppose to pick p the bed and other medical supplies on Friday but never showed call this morning. So bill who was already showered and dressed went to go meet them, could not find the car calls me all pissed from the parking lot, he finds the car and it has a flat.
Fritz takes him to the apartment dropping off the spare to be fixed.. when we picked up the car at the airport we had a flat on the way back home so our spare was flat as well this morning.

Bill and Fritz drop of the spare, I start jacking up the car to prepare for the change... it starts raining. Great morning!

But wait theres more... logged onto the game to relax and do some combines in tradeskilling only to do 120 combines with no skill up.
Very frustrating!

lets see how the rest of the day goes I think I'm going to duck out and go see X2 by myself.
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Helen just died 10 minutes ago
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there goes the transport.. and bill in tow, Linda his sister is getting an emergency flight from Alaska to be with Helen in hospice, We have to pick her up at the airport and give her a car.

Sunday we pack up this apartment which means this is when Linda will fly in, the apartment has to be cleaned out and all services discontinued by the end of the month.

we are planning on renting a pickup and placing a lot of the things we are keeping in the attic of the new house. There is space up there, a bedroom set a dining room table and an entertainment center. All paperwork I plan on giving to Linda for her flight up, it will save me the shipping cost to Alaska.

Ok that parts done, who is next? anyone else want a piece of me!
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the hospice people are coming for Helen at 3:30, I am sitting here watching her die right now.

she has maybe 18 hours left

I'm taking note of all the things that sound like nonsense to me but maybe after all this is done I can chain them into some sort of order.

her hands are shaking and one eye stares up at the ceiling, her breathing is very labored and her skin is sullen. Her body has collapsed and I think all that is left is her own personality trapped inside that shell.

This isn't the first time I have seen death but it is the first time I've seen it linger, Death is a very personal thing for each of us, we hang on to life for our own reasons, how hard she fights.
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Well upon changing Helen's diaper this morning we found blood, this mean she has another infection, but the hospice people said "Well how aggressively do you want to treat it". Meaning, and this just hit me, don't you want her to die?

So I realized that its time, this infection is the one that will take her, we are not treating it, we are making her comfortable, using a whole bunch of drugs to make her oblivious to everything, we dropped the in house hospice thing, she is out of it and it is not worth moving her.

I am thinking it should be a few days before she passes, the chaplin is showing up again today to talk with her.


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