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I had a dream last night that I was in the old house, the house I lived in from about 6 to 12. The house in Peaquabuck, Ct. Mrs. Walton was in the dream, she and her husband owned the house and we rented the downstairs. Mr Walton smelled of the Oil used to pack the sand floor in the basement. He had long 12' Locust wood pole to knock the pears from the tallest branches of the tree that grew on the se corner of the house. After my Fathers death it was offered to my mother from my grand father but she refused.

I had not thought of them in years, I can see from the google satnav pic that the new ownesr have since cut down the pear tree and the blue spruce we planted from one of our Christmases we spent there

From Peaquabuck house
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I got the downstairs painted
carpeted and cleaned

I got 80% of the garbage out and the unused upstairs to the attic

I got the deck prepped for the summer, cleaned and arranged

I got the hot tub drained scrubbed with baking soda , refilled

Last week I worked too hard and with this new supervisor at work it seems I will do the same this week, at least the home front chores are done for the most part and I can begin picking out one or two jobs to do each weekend that are enjoyable instead of work.

Starting my seedlings

Polishing chrome

Setting up the casino motorcycle run this may

and making at least one new friend this summer
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do ya?

I have three rooms in my house now that have dust bunnies, different color paint on the walls in some areas.. dust and small bits of crap on the carpets, its a mess but its my mess, these big empty rooms are my mess, I will dust them and vacume them, paint and scrub. They are my rooms in my house that Bill and I live in by oursleves, just him and me.

no ghosts
no shadows
no other people
just us.

And thats the way it will stay from now on


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