Jun. 24th, 2003 09:48 am
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Well its a lazy morning, Bill and I are at our terminals typing away enjoying coffee together. We had good sex last night, sometimes I like the softer side of our sex life, it comfortable. We know each other so very well that even simple stroking and nuzzling is enough to get us both off. We are very dependant on each other, sometime I think to dependant.

I don't think it's dysfunctional, maybe symbiotic, Who know why question something that works so well.

The house front gets its final inspection today they have already said we can move in but Bill and I have been stepped on so many times with his GHI that we will wait till we get it in writing. I don't think I mentioned the mishap with Fritz, so I will write it down now so I don't lose it in the future.

One of Fritz's tool were stolen from the house, of course no one knew what happened to it, everything was locked up, I knew it was going to be a problem when he brought his tools in to the house I had a feeling something like this would happen, anyway it never showed up.

Fritz had the nerve to mention "well you can take the money for it out of the builders last payment" I'm like in the back of my mind, are you fucking nuts? So this is what we did, the builder offered to pay half the cost of the item while Bill and I pay the other half, I do this only because I didn't want delays on the house when we are so Close to finishing. I really don't know how I feel about it, I'm a little mad at myself for not telling Fritz to not put his tools inside the apartment.
I a little mad that Fritz so easily assumed that Bill and I would just pay him for the items out of our pockets.

I just want this over with, I already started moving small things in and doing a lot of landscaping I WANT ONE HOUSEHOLD

On the gaming front I have not been playing EQ that much I started and finished an Ancient Greek Civilization game that held my attention for awhile, SWG is coming out and I am thinking of playing that. EQ has lost its feel for me , for a while anyway. The guild I want/wanted, I don't know, is flip flopping me around. I don't know why they are adopting this "members only" attitude all of a sudden, I feel like I'm the Jew trying to get into the country club. No biggie. I don't do hoops very well and when I do its so I can get you closer to me.

I'm looking forward to star wars I will pick up the game two weeks after its release to give them time to work out the more immediate bugs then I will throw myself at that for awhile, this summer is going to be hell anyway I'm not going to have much time to play much of anything.

I picked up an app for airport shuttle driver, its a quick easy driving job that will keep me home and pay for all the work I have to do on the house, my whole paycheck will be going into the house upgrades, I am pulling out all my old favors from former employers that owe me one and getting a lot of stuff at cost as long as I do all the labor. So my free time will be booked.

Boy a lot of stuff to write down and remember.
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Well I have been a bit pre occupied to write in this thing lets do some catch up. the holiday weekend was nothing special Bill and I rarely observe the things, we did spend some time searching boxes for the original to Helen's trust. With out it Linda will have to go to probate so it is important we find it. Not so much for me because as I have already stated I would sorta like having the estate go to probate.

Probate to me means Helen's estate get cut by 50%, Bill and I don't care about money so that is meaningless to us, but probate can take up to three years, which means we do not have to refinance the house for that amount of time, leaving us with a monthly payment of 364.00. for a four bedroom house. I can live with that. It also mean we can set money aside for the period of time it would take to settle and just pay it off in general and be done with it.

Good for us, bad for anyone who was expecting to get anything out of the estate, that being Linda bills sister. I have stated before in writing in this journal anything happening to others besides Bill and I I deem irrelevant and I don't really give a fuck about. situations and people included.

I did do some heavy playing this week my experiences with the new guild I am trying to get into have been awesome, I am seeing some very cool things that I would never see with the smaller guild and since my time playing EQ is limited I want to see as much as I can, I found it funny that another member of the smaller guild who is trying to join Mithril web made a statement agreeing with my feelings on the smaller guild, which I found hypocritical, he was one of the biggest nay sayers when he was a member now he is all excited about seeing and doing things he never thought he would be able to. I guess Alex was right when he told me my eyes would open up after leaving the smaller guild not just for me but for this other former member as well.

I was reading some posts and I see the same situation forming with another player who is entering the forbidden 50's. I guess each one will realize the glass ceiling when they hit that part in the game where they need cooperation from their friends and realize they cant help and will be forced to look elsewhere for it. No matter I'm having a good time with it and it is my money and I will gladly help anyone who asks me for it.

The home front is going fine during this week we got the confirmed date for completion of construction, the 14th of June. I have already started the change of address kit and contacting the creditors and other services, I go buy paint this weekend and pick up the carpet, The landscaping is going to kill me I know it, it is going to be a huge challenge.
I am very tempted to hire some Mexicans to do the job for me, well parts of it anyway.

I am not looking forward to this move, it is going to be big and tiring for all of us and there is a lot of work.


May. 23rd, 2003 06:37 pm
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I rented Brotherhood of the Wolves to watch today, god it sucked

also rented the newer ST movie, it sucked as well, I think I will stay away from the movies for awhile.
Heated up some ramen tonight for dinner, nice hot broth, it felt good and the oolong tea I made up really helped it down, its been really grey and rainy here.

We still haven't gotten a solid date yet from the builder I was over there once again today and watched them put up the sheet rock in the bathroom, I would say a couple of weeks till we are done. Which is good the beginning of the month of June we can use the time to give our notice of 30 days and have two weeks to do the move instead of a weekend. Save a lot of stress on my back.
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Not a day bad, its raining but that's ok, I'm starting to get into a much better mood then I have been in, I think I'm starting to se the light at the end of the tunnel. Made a couple of calls to some friends made sure that they know I'm still alive. Waiting for Fritz to get back with the car so I can go over to the new place and try to weasel a date from our builder.

Not much more, I looked in the wanted ads for part time work. they have this company that delivers mail to all all the distribution centers from DC to other parts of the company, its part time because its fill in work. Meaning holidays and weekends, 3rd shift and all the other crap days and nights, but the pay is good about 28 bucks an hours with no bennies but I'm on Bill insurance anyway.

We are putting in some serious thought in to going to the first bear weekend at the end of the month I don't know if I'm up for performing and seeing people but if Bill wants to go then we will.


May. 20th, 2003 03:15 pm
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A great Sunny and mildly temperate day, I had to get out and experience it, I hiked about to miles today in the national Forest, Very steep climb, I'm feeling all of my 40 years now, I remember just a couple of years ago going around the trail twice and still feeling pretty good. Today made it around once and felt like I worked out for six hours.

I ran into Pete as well today, He is a bear model I first met when I was working at the magazine, he is a power lifter and is looking for a work out partner, I offered my services since I have been playing with the idea of going into a gym, I have never had to work out before in my life, I have always been strong but now with all the time I spent taking care of Helen I have gained weight and I need to exercise. He offered to help me out and I the same.;

I took him over to the house, good timing to, I got there just in time to see them installing the shower unit in the new bathroom, we should be in there soon I hope, funds are tight and my local job search is fruitless, I think I'm going to have to go back out on the road, I don't really want to because of bill, But I do what I have to.

I remember exactly this time last year I was setup to buy a brand new peterbilt and start my own business, then my life turned into a fucking country music song with all that shit with Tom, and Bills mom getting sick, But that all over time to take those three steps I had to take backwards, and claim them again.


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